What the Fruitcake

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“Highest Seal of Approval!”
National Organization of Fruitcakes

I just LOVE this app and
want to marry the
creative mind behind it!
- Kim K.

“They took my music without
asking! Get my lawyer
on the phone!”
-Fred Schneider, Superions
and B-52's fame

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“This app is a train wreck
in all its glory. Talk about bad taste -  just how I like it -  Awesome!”
Steve Jones,
Biggest Fan Ever

If these guys don't remove
this app I am going to blow
up their servers.
- Anonymous (the hacker)

“This is one app we WON'T be copying.”

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Top Five Reasons Not to Buy This App
1: You'd rather donate 99 cents to occupy wall street
2: Your friends might finally think you're cool
3: You'd only be able to afford 3/4's of your Starbucks latte
4: Fruitcake is against your religion
5: You owe your roommate 99 cents

Superions Video

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Useless FAQs

Who came up with the idea for this app?

We were sitting around (sucking on helium balloons) and someone blurted,"FRUITCAKE" in a Mickey Mouse voice.
The batter was baked.

How many units of "FRUITCAKE" have you sold?
We're on our way to a million! (Too bad we've had 999,899 refunds.)

Is this your first app?
Yes, and it may be our last since we don't have a clue as to what we are doing.

How long did it take you to develop "FRUITCAKE"?

We spent a year baking fruitcakes; plus, we had to learn how to code and design graphics.

How much money did you spend?
We spent over $894.50 in development and another $100,000 in marketing and advertising.

Where did you get the financing for "FRUITCAKE"
No one would back us so we stole the money from our kids' piggy banks.

When would you consider "FRUITCAKE" a success?
When we pay our kids back.

You have stock images in "FRUITCAKE." Do you know those people?
Yes. They're all family (except two).

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weenk labs
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